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fresh, new download links of all old mixes. enjoy!!! new ones coming soon. hopefully.
1st link is the tracklisting plus other info about the mix, 2nd link is download link. all other download links may be down, so use these. 100% guranteed to work.

Cherry (01)

Yeah-Yeah (02)

Time Travel (03)

Bring on the Summer (04)

Girls of Summer (05)

Battles But Not Hip Hop (06)

Classics Part 1 (07)

Randomness (08)

2080's (09)

Hip Hop #2 (10)

What's Hot (11)

What's Hot UK Edition (12)

Broken Heart <./3 (13)

Classics Part 2 (14)

Classics Part 3 (15)

What Vocals? (16)

House Party (17)

Past. Present. Future.(18)

2081 (19)

Aura (20)

This..Is..The..Re..Mix (21)

Ibiza (22)

Dance Video Mix (1V)

Sexy Video Mix (2V)

The Real Divas (23)

Stephen Milone : 3/11/2007 06:06:00 PM :

The Real Divas Mix

1. Roger Sanchez Feat. Lisa Pure - Lost (S-man Mix)
2. Corenell Feat. Ann Bailey - A Deeper Love (Club Mix)
3. Tokyo Feat. Siobhan - Love Come Down (Tokyo 12" Mix)
4. Jupiter Ace Feat. Shena - 1000 Years (Extended Mix)
5. Kate Ryan - Spinning Around (Album Version)
6. Mary Griffin - You're The Reason Why (Almighty Anthem Mix)

This is mix was made with one purpose, to show case true vocal talent. Sure in our day there has been some real talent that made it to the top of the mainstream radio stations & billboard charts, the likes of Mariah Carey, Deborah Cox, Whitney Houston, Kelly Clarkson (yes she has true talent) come to mind...I'd even throw Madonna into the group...but the fact that the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Brooke Hogan, Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and PARIS HILTON and their computerized voices currently top the charts and talent such as these artists in this mix go completly un-noticed is just the the horridness that is the music scene here in the USA...heres some quality Divas that are no doubt under your radar. The likes of Shena, Kate Ryan & Lisa Pure is what should be over the radio...not the garbage it is now.

trying out a new download service (again) but this one is nice and simple. Click the link once, and it'll start. Easy?? You betcha. No waiting no multi screens no pop ups, pure downloads. and it has a cool name...MediaFire...its uploading now. so lil patience.

Next mix is under the prototype title of "All Rise"...expect a hard fast paced never slowing down barrage of dance music. including my 2 favorite movies theme songs remixed...

Stephen Milone : 10/29/2006 02:59:00 PM :

Ibiza Mix

Ibiza music is very different from you usual USA or UK dance music. No fast beats, heavy bass, blow the speakers esque sound, and not to say that dont play that music there..but its not classified as ibiza music. Ibiza music is euphoric, uplifting melodies. The atmosphere is brought on with the use of synthesized string instruments, the sound of waves, mandolins and guitars, and wispy vocals. With that a lot of songs lose their "danceable" nature to them in the typical sense, you'll notice that alot in the mix...youll just get getting into a song then it dies out, but theres nothing like that re-build back...thats what makes this music unique and amazing.

1. Axwell Feat. Steve Edwards - Watch The Sunrise (Extended Vocal Mix)
2. Philippe B - Ibiza Mi Amore (Orginal Mix)
3. Bob Sinclar Feat. Steve Edwards - World Hold On (Axwell Remix)
4. Artic Monkeys vs Sander Van Doorn - When The Sun Goes Down
5. Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Extended Mix)
6. Chanel - It's My Life (Fonzerelli Remix)
7. Cafe Groove - Why U Wanna Do Me Wrong (NF Project Vocal)

I've included alot of Ibiza staples from this summer...Bob sinclair was huge, Steve Edwards even more so with the help of Axwell and Put Your Hands Up For Detroit is a song about the USA city...yet it was huge there, even inspired a remix where the line "put your hands up for detroit...a lovely city" was changed to "put your hands up for ibiza...a lovely island" but i prefer this orginal verison so thats what you get. I'm very curious to what everyone thinks of this type of music...please leave comments on both the music choices and the mixing techniques. thanks

Like ibiza type music?? check out these other ibiza anthems that didnt make the mix for various reasons
David Guetta vs The Egg - Love Don't Let Love Walk Away [Orginal version on Whats Hot UK]
Chris Lake - Changes [Figured you all had enough of this tune]
Chocolate Puma - Always And Forever
Soul Avengerz - Don't Let The Morning Come
Team SR - Leaving London

For those who have problems with downloading off this site. there is a solution, requires a lil setup but will make downloading easier
Universal Share Downloader. download,unzip,execute then copy/paste a download link from this site and it will download it automaticlly. I did notice that the file names do not come out right sometimes and you have to rename them manually, which includes adding the .mp3 extension.

Stephen Milone : 9/03/2006 11:29:00 PM :


#21 This..Is..The..Re..Mix

1. Chris Lake Featuring Laura V - Changes (Offical Vocal Mix)
2. Sylver Vs Joey Negro - All This Time vs Make A Move On Me (DJ X StreAM Blend)
3. Evermore vs Dirty South - It's Too Late (JC Mix)
4. Bastian Bates - So Much Love To Give (Riot Clarsen Mix)
5. Blaze - Do You Remember House (DJ X StreAM Edit)
6. Mylo - In Your Arms (Sharam Jay Mix)
7. Janice Robinson - Dreamer 2006 (Nic Mercy's Epic Anthemn Mix)
8. Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (Mark Knight's Horns of Rock Remix)
9. Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Hi_Tack Burning Up Club Mix)

Simple aspect...take songs i already used...but different versions. This mix brings the 3rd coming of Chris Lake - Changes to this site, as well as the 2nd and 3rd of Make a move on far those are my 2 favorites this deal with it =Þ but to make up for it..i did some acapella work. All this time acapella over make a move on me dub worked extremely nice. and used the full acapella of "do you remember house" 2 more verses then when it started off "house party". but other then that nothing special, just some fresh versions of some hot summer songs and other classics. ps..longest mix ive done yet.

expect plenty of new good stuff in september...for the next week radio 1 is streaming live from sure ill grab tons of new and new to me mix may possibly be an ibiza anthemns one. and with this being a mix of all previously used songs...ive decided to reset teh songs and versions ive used before are fair game, cause there has been times when i found a new song that worked perfectly with an older song that ive already used.
as always, click the "download" button on the right side, then scroll down and click the download link.

Stephen Milone : 8/05/2006 03:22:00 PM :

New Host

well it took my school 15 months to realize i wasn't there anymore and to cancel my AFS account, which is what i used to host this web site. So onto the free web hosting. So i apologize for the new ads at the top/bottom of every page. but thats whats gonna keep my site alive. some links/images may still be directed towards my old host, so if you notice anything out of whack, let me know so i can clean it up. thanks.

Stephen Milone : 7/15/2006 12:13:00 PM :

Aura Mix

1. Evermore - It's Too Late (Dirty South Mix)
2. Kings of Tomorrow - Underground (Acapella Edit)
3. Chris Lake Vs Kings of Tomorrow - Finally Changes (White Label Mix)
4. Deep Dish Featuring Stevie Nicks - Dreams (Tocadisco Remix)
5. Route 33 - Looking Back (Orginal Mix)
6. Mynt - Still Not Sorry (Josh Harris Remix)
7. Armand Van Helden - My My My 2006 (Stonebridge Remix)
8. Southside Hustlers - Right Before My Eyes (Mark Knight & MTV Re-Edit)

called this the aura mix because the tracks seem to create a certain aura, listen to it and you'll know what i mean...mostly new tracks, the only real old track is still not sorry, it was just shocking to myself that i have never used it so i figured id throw it in. No real bangers, until i realized after i recorded this that the first track is a club banger as i heard it at a nj shore club this weekend and people went crazy. And yet another version of Changes...i absolutely love that song. Expect the offical vocal version in the next mix once i get my hands on it. anything tocadisco i seem to love, i wish they got more play, their mylo - in your arms remix was the only one i ever heard outside of my speakers. finally got my hands on route 33 looking back, so i had to put this in there for all to hear this awesome track, stil not sorry i said before was just cause i havent used it, new my my my should pick up, but prob won't its too soon for a re-release and you cant get a better song to end with that soutside hustlers. fantastic vocals and that piano sound gives such a nice finish.
click "DOWNLOAD" on the right side middle, then click the link underneath "download now" and your download will start.

Stephen Milone : 7/10/2006 01:16:00 PM :

Video of the week #6

this video of the week is special...its the week in which my birthday resides haha (its friday) so here is my favorite song out now, nothing special about hte video, but i love the song. and the girl and the rapper (as i wrote in down the line when i talked bout this song in new singles)

Jeannie Ortega & Papoose - Crowded

Stephen Milone : 6/06/2006 06:20:00 PM :


Recently I was added to a beta of Google's Analytics program. and basiclly what it does is gives me full out reports on my web site visits. What searches people used to find it, what browser they are using, screen resolution, language computer is set to, stuff like that so i can change to fit the needs of the masses. However one figure really threw me off guard and i want to fix that.

Internet Explorer.....74%

Internet Explorer is by far the least stable and slowest browser out there. and everyone uses it cause of the monoply M$ created by including it with windows. Enter Firefox, stable, fast, custimizable (you can even skin your firefox to look like internet explorer if you care so) no crazy pop ups, and theres even an Ad-Block add on that can remove annoying banners off websites. I can go on and on about the custimization and wonders of firefox, but i wont (however contact me with any questions) atleast give a try...its a free download and wont hurt to even have the backup on your computer when (not if) IE craps out on you. This site is optimized to perform the best with Firefox 1.5 also Rated #15 on PCWorlds Top 100 Products

The download link is in the upper right corner of this site, under the animated userbar.

Stephen Milone : 6/03/2006 11:49:00 AM :

Video #5

a throwback (kinda, just a few years). i was told my videos are "smut" by a fellow employee so heres on that defines this said smut...Eric Prydz - Call On Me. huge track, but prob not many people ever seen the video and thats a damn shame. enjoy this lil tribute to 80s workout videos.

who do you say is the hottest?

and for those who have seen it before, heres something for you: a live performance...

Stephen Milone : 5/29/2006 11:17:00 PM :

2081 Mix

i didn't really want to do this, but i did. another mix of all 80s song remixed for the 21st century. no exceptions this time, like last time with a 1990 song, all 80s. It was harder then i expected to do cause i know i have a lot of 80s remixed. but i've used them in other mixes! and therefore deemed them un-usable for this mix (Faithfully, right here waiting, call on me, somebodys watching me, heaven, the 2 from the time travel mix, and prob more) . so enjoy this short 80s sequel.

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time
Micheal Sembello - Maniac
Heart - Alone
Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens - Top Gun Anthem
Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart
Mike & The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

1. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes 2006
2. Sharam - PATT
3. Micheal Sembello - Maniac 2006 (Flip & Fill Remix)
4. Kim Sozzi - Alone (Johnny Budz Radio Mix)
5. DJs @ Work - Fly With Me (To The Stars)
6. Kelly Llorenna - Tell it to my heart (Flip & Fill Radio Remix)
7. Tina Ann - All I Need is A Miracle (Chris The Greek Mix)

side note i was, for comedy sake, end with a remix of the ghostbusters theme song. but choose not to lol.
after clicking on this link, hit the DOWNLOAD button on the middle right side, then click on the blue link. sorry no direct download for this...someones fileserver was off when i tried to upload it last night

Stephen Milone : 5/17/2006 05:45:00 PM :

Video of the Week #3

Tom Jones Live Performance of Stoned in Love

picked this video for any doubters that that is not tom jones singing. the orginal video shows its him too but this also proves that his voice is changed to a lighter sound in the recorded version. I would love to see a mastered copy of a version of tom jones singing untouched. but till then this will do

The orginal video is here for those interested:

Stephen Milone : 5/15/2006 07:08:00 PM : Coupon Code